Hearing Aids Services

Hearing aid consultation and fitting

Successful hearing aid fittings go beyond choosing a hearing aid. Hearing aids have to be fitted according to the patient’s amplification needs, style and functionality requirements and how much a patient is willing to commit to maintain and care for his or her hearing aid. As such, hearLIFE does not offer mail order or internet sales of hearing aids and believe in a thorough examination for appropriate hearing aid prescription. hearLIFE is also unaffiliated with any hearing aid company and offers an unbiased opinion across all brands, styles, technology levels and costs of hearing aids.

Our hearing aid consultation includes:

  • Pure Tone Audiometry
  • Basic speech audiometry
  • Evaluation of listening environments, lifestyle needs and patient’s expectation
  • Hearing aid trial across all brands (Up to 2 weeks)
  • Aided audiometry
  • Ear mould impression taking (for customised hearing aids)
  • We offer tele-audiology, remote hearing aid fittings and local house visits for special cases who are not able to visit our clinic.